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Leonardo da Vinci was an artistic and scientific genius of the Italian Renaissance. He was celebrated in his time as a philosopher and an amazing artist of paintings such as Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He was also well known for his many inventions, his architecture of churches, buildings and cities, as well as his engineering feats, music, and sculptures.

Though Da Vinci was said to be a charming man he left many patrons in a state of frustration and disappointment as he notoriously left works unfinished. Though he had outstanding talent, he finished very few projects and questioned whether he had accomplished anything at all. The number of Leonardo da Vinci paintings which have been identified is very small, possibly 15 if you count finished as well as unfinished. None of his sculpture works seem to be finished. Drawings and sketches make up the largest body of Da Vinci’s work, numbering in the thousands.

Leonardo had a vast imagination and desire to learn but was above all a dreamer.

Here you can learn more and be amazed by the artistic achievements of one of the greatest figures in history. See how his work continues to speak across the centuries.